Self mastership in practice

We read a lot about accomplishing ‘self-mastership’ these days. In particular about the integration of the new energies that are active at the moment from the cosmic point of view. It causes changing moods but also physical discomfort like insomnia or just the opposite, too much sleep, pain and strange ailments that disappear as quick as they come. But energies are so invisible and you don’t always feel them.

Life is a chessgameSo, what does it mean “self-mastership in practice. We could say we become the driver of our own train (the self-conscious part) while the other part of us (the subconscious part) is like a passenger in the same train and travels along from station to station. Your heart/soul (engine-driver) and your mind (the passenger), they collaborate to fulfill the journey successfully. The passenger is passive and waits patiently until the train stops with a shudder and a screaming of breaks and then he goes on. To where…?? No idea, we’ve done that for ages….!

That’s a huge difference, as we were used to be the traveller on the move and had to join with the majority because there are factors outside of us who have set our daily social and business activities, you could say now that we often don’t feel like serving that part anymore. So we decide to take place behind the steering wheel and drive the train ourselves, off to a destination of our own needs and desires.

But you need inner power, ‘cause our ego, often fears for all the things we have, we might not have anymore, will interfere and says “No, it’s impossible” even though I would like to. I “have” to earn my money as there is no other work goin’ at the moment so I continue my current work. Then you hope for the miracle to come, the day that someone offers you the job of your dreams which suits you perfectly. But unfortunately, that’s not often how it goes ……..

Sure, it could happen but realize then that you’ve opened your heart for this at an earlier stage along with your focus because that’s what “you” really want to achieve. You can dream about it, you can search on the internet, you’re goin’ out focused to find that what you’re looking for, you orient yourself and so on…..But don’t underestimate what our own (soul)heart can create especially with those new energies supporting self-mastership!!

But if we remain the traveller on the train, staring out of the windows watching the days passing by at full speed, our focus will be cut into bits. You see plenty but at the same time you see nothing because everything is just as volatile as you are distracted again by something new. The place in front of the train is better ‘cause you have to focus at your destiny without losing track. That requires “some” attention…

So, how actually can you break free from the majority to pursue your own goal? You truly want to refresh and renew your mind here but you have to deal as well with your loved ones around you. A partner, our home, our children, family, they’re often reason for not making changes while we feel inside so strongly that we want and need a change. And while those fellow-travellers, perhaps might not want to join you to your “new destination”.

It then could easily happen that you let go your “new destiny”. Understandable, but isn’t it a fact then that you’re actually pleasing other peoples goal and destiny as they want everything to stay the same? As you don’t want to leave the other you’re actually leaving yourself. You probably can hold on to that for a while but these days with innovative energies, and the cosmic and astrological principles (see other articles) will ensure that the pressure, to follow a new road, will increase. That happens at the moment to many of us. We want something new. We want to go and climb “that” mountain and experience a new view!

Give me wings - verkleindIf you do decide to go and climb “that” mountain, and once reaching the top, you have a view upon your new challenges where you can choose from. You had your mind and energies set on this at an earlier stage. Since energy follows thoughts, with an intense impulse and when these thoughts come straight from the heart (soul), you will climb “that” mountain successfully! The other may decide to follow you or may decide not (yet) to follow you. Then there’s the question “if” we are so aware of “ourselves and our soul-plan” that we continue to feel the urge of having to go there. It’s a way of self-mastership to take this action and best try to stay in harmony with your environment.

If that doesn’t work out ‘cause your loved ones, don’t understand your new road and expect, or even demand from you to let go your plans ‘cause they don’t dare to take action of their own desires, then you’ll face a dilemma. Am I now a victim of my own environment ‘cause I’m not allowed to do what I want and feel like doin’ ….or am I master of my own life and will follow my heart.

If you decide that your environment is too important to achieve your destiny alone, to climb “that” mountain, then you should do that in conviction, as a real master. For example, to find another road to develop, which suits the situation you live in. As you should always bear in mind that you as an individual spirit, with your own soul path and soul plan, want to fulfil your earthly mission. And that is different for everyone. It’s up to your own creativity how you get there, a source we all have in us, but if you’re goin’ all the way, “that” shows your mastership.

And when you decide to leave everything behind, as we notice nowadays, because the inner urge is too big to abandon it, don’t try to hand over half of your tools to the other person and pursuade the other person to follow you. They won’t reach the top ‘cause they don’t have all the tools they need. And what about yourself….? You’ll find out on the way up that there are a few tools missing and you’ll have to go down again being very dissapointed. You just became a victim. Such a shame!

While there was a great oppertunity, once reaching the top, to find your real soulmate ‘cause he/she turned out to have the right tools as well to follow you as a newly gained understanding. Simply that you, apart from each other, reached the end of the trip, from an individual selfmastership, may have come to an ultimate reconciliation!

© Irma Schiffers

Translation:  Robert Pfeiffer



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