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This time a video passed and since I‘m still busy with the subject “misleading propaganda” and false flag operations that come to the light, this could be another article in the row. For those who are unaware of it, a recently published article about a young Syrian guy, saving a little girl in a firing-line, showed up in several newspapers, but also a dramatic video, broadcasted by a lot of TV-stations.

The mainstream media immediately seized the opportunity to discredit the Assad regime on behalf ofthe owners of the propaganda-machine‘. That was easy, because shooting at children is the most depraved thing you can do, right? The International Business Times wrote:

This incident is not the first time that the ProAssad gunmen focus on children in the nearly four years of bloody civil war in Syria.

Liz Sly, the Washington Post Beirut bureau chief covering Syria, Lebanon, Iraq — and presumably an expert in the area — promoted the video on her Twitter page, adding “wow” in her comments. Sly’s reporting consistently agitates for more US involvement in Syria on the side of the rebels, her anti-Assad bias is solidly established. Yes sure, war propaganda; the war-machine must remain running of course!

The London Daily Telegraph was able to report about the video that expertshaveconfirmed its authenticity.”  Really, dude?”

Yes, our own Dutch fantastic “Pinocchio“-media also wrote about it. See the article in the AD, but should it be gone soon (because they know how to erase some published articles quickly when the truth came along)’  see here a screenshot of it: AD

One tiny little problem: it was faked once again and that came in the open. The Norwegian Film Institute, funded with $ 30,000 by the government of NATOmember Norway, produced the video in Malta and it was publicly released without the knowledge of the viewers that it was not authentic footage. The filmmakers made clear to the Norwegian authorities in their grant that one would not see that the pictures were fake and the authorities did not oppose the operation.

By the time the falseness was discovered, were already millions of people outraged at the Assad government.

Propaganda is intended to influence the view at the first reporting. Nobody reads rectifications when the mindset already is formed (euh…. deformed I mean).

Very smart is the timing, because Obama just said dictator Assad must leave so they can defeat ISIS. They want to destroy Assad; After all, he is – just like Putin- not a ‘puppet’ who submits to the puppeteer-rulers of the West.

Now the truth is uncovered, so the filmmakers are telling fairytales; that they did this to provoke a debate on children and war. Of course. For sure we believe that. We, the people, are fond of fairytales!Especially now we know where Isis comes from, who their funders are and how  casting agencies (unfortunately deleted by YouTube in the meantime) provide wellpaid crisis actors.

Governments may try to shirk and blame the social media, which, moreover, are all strongly controlled by the same authorities. We all know the Internet “trolls”,  paid by the government to drop fake reactions among alternative news sites, with the aim to strategically and systematically ridicule and undermine publicists or undermining their articles. That too, seemed to be a successful mission in the past, but since even the trolls are recognized anywhere, their power is gone.

Conspiracy theories no longer exist, but conspiracyfacts are on the forefront!Discover the lies and deception for yourself, unless you can not totally detach from newspapers, TV and radio.

I hope you can,because it is high time for it. In a world of insanity!  (See the video and the little boy as an actor)

PS. Update november 19 : See below for more bogus news! (revealed again)


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