Soulmates, twinsouls & twinflames

Soulmates, twinsouls & twinflames
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If you are typing one of these terms in the google search bar,  you find yourself surfing the Internet but you can not see the wood for the trees. Instead you feel lost in a jungle of articles about this phenomenon, which are often present to you as established facts. And, as we know, entering a jungle is not harmless!

Tijd voor verandering

Release the past Oilpaint Irma Schiffers

All these websites are a great source of information when you are strong enough to be  aware of your inner strength. You really need to be selective with those many facts. But if you search information from out of confusion,  because you can not find the ‘truth’ in yourself, you take the risk of getting lost even more. So, hoping to find something that made it clear.

One of my previous articles (about HSP) starts with the words: I do not like to put people in boxes,” and that means even more not for couples, to put two people in a box! For what are exactlysoulmates’, when do you have to deal with a ‘twinsoul’ and what is precisely a twin flame? One knows it better than the other, and that while you will encounter increasingly more contradictions. And when you went for a search for an answer you were already confused enough! Who cares what it’s called on earth and in words or how you name it? It’s already tough enough when meeting such a soul-connection happens to you in a wink of an eye and it hardly can be expressed in words. No, I do not love boxes’.

The soulmate’ era has begun some time ago, and it all becomes much more intense, because the fact that really matters is that we will have to deal with the changes of our planet and our personal ascension, living from our hearts, and so can experience love on a much higher level’And soul connection’  totally fit into that picture. It is the ‘recognition’ of the other soul through everything. Meeting a soulmate will take you to this higher level, and we call it true love’ from the heart, an not especially from the mind It transcends beyond the ‘normal’ kind of love we are used to, because that is after a relatively short and intense period not everlasting, most of the time. This remains and never leaves you anymore. So I prefer to use the termsoulmates‘ or soul-connection, because it will be deceptive. A word or term will not at all cover the subject.

Twinsouls verkleind

Oilpaint Irma Schiffers

For years, most of the questions I get from my clients, are relating to this phenomenon. And when this topic is discussed elsewhere, everyone has somehow experienced this feelings, or had it in the past, while losing their inner trust and confidence. And the beauty of it is that everybody has the same pervasive feelings that go with it. Terms like “I am completely blown off the socks,” “I’ve never experienced anything like this ,’ my whole life is disrupted” and “I can not function anymoreis rule, even without any exception And the “suffering” preceding the union, should not be underestimated So there  my biggest problem comes in, because the question is always “Do we come together, and if so, when?” And then I always immediately take a step backwards. Because unfortunately I hear too often that they were promised’ to be a couple, and even ‘sooner than you like’. And some also tell me that the other has become terminally ill, despite that promise. Or he is just married because he is expecting a child with his new love,  or worse,  even suddenly deceased. I get it as stuffy as the one who calls me for advice, with my sensitivity!

No way, so! I’m going to explain that the “meeting” of soulmates in the first place always is meant for inner growth. And for yourself. And that you also only can work for yourself and not for the other and his personal process. It is expected from you: to be stronger, to stand up, to learn to give with all you carry in the heart, and to stay in your strength and inner power. And not condemn yourself sbout anything anymore, because you‘re just a “human being”, a student with an individual curriculum. On your way to your own inner happiness. And no more fears or vulnerabilities while you’re hoping that the other person will solve it for you, ergo: fill in! Because that is not the intention. And since we, as ‘humans’ have the freedom to shape our own lives and to create it so, that we ultimately will succeed. By the way, even if we work out our own lessons of life, there will not be any assurance that your counterpart or soulmate is going to go through the same process at the same time. And certainly not if that person, I say it just flat now, “just died”!. What should I say, when it is assured by others that they would get a beautiful wedding followed by a growing family with three children? I can only apply to all of my coaching and therapeutic skills  I’ve ever learned to prevent my client to jump from the balcony. That is also understandably part in the perception of someone in such a deep mourning!


Enlightenment – Oilpaint Irma Schiffers

The term twin souls is mostly used all too soon and will also apparently mean that you certainly should’ come together in this life. Because it is “written”, promised and said and you are going to fit it in to your entire daily life, you can not grow in and for yourself. Your hopes and expectations are so focused on a life with the other person that you forget what you carry in your backpack, and what you have to get rid of. In addition, I ‘hear’ too often for that same reason the conditionality reflected in the requests for help. “But I’ve already done this, and have all the pain from the past already released, and why has he not shown up?

Then I reply, “If the other half’ of yours must be the “reward “ for all the inner work you did, you did not do it for yourself; not out of love and respect for yourself! And exactly that’s why the phenomenon of ‘soul connections’ is created‘. All with a perfect and divine timing. To be so deeply touched that you are able to ascend a few steps higher on the ladder which will bring you to your “pure” soul.  And it leads back to unconditional self love. And that path is always through the deepest valleys! The freedom to decideif’,when’ and ‘how’ you will do that is only yours. And if you really love that person on the deepest soul-level, you will surely understand this process and allow the other person to get his or her individual life lessons and pitfalls. In their own time. Unconditionally!

And I assure you, when you reach the top of the scale, you do not “need” the other amymore. Pure love, yes, but ‘need’? If you then look into the mirror without any projection, you see a beautiful, authentic and pure soul,  and you feel re-connected to “everything” that is... Visible and invisible. Feminine and masculine forces in one. Yin and Yang. Insanely beautiful! You have become a powerful unit by trial and error! Really human.

What you’re beloved one feels or thinks is still in complete and private freedom on the other, isn’t it? The outcome is in fact to both of you. A free will and a free choice. Feel it yourself by intuïtion, because you can! And then, you will know.

Íf the other climbs the ladder at their own pace and on their own decision and you look at the top of each from your side in the same mirror, you’re both healed by yourself and about to receive unconditial love. You become aware of the fact that the mirror was only a projection-tool encouraging you to grow.  It was an illusion.  And both on the top of the ladder, when you look into each other’s eyes, you will see your own reflection

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© Irma Schiffers,  2014

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