Summary Grand Jury Day 2 (with NL subs)

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Part 2 of Day 2, again a subtitled summary. It includes a lot of attention for Jim Bush, who talks about Operation Dark Winter, Operation Lockstep of the Rockefeller Foundation and Event 201. This is all still under the heading of ‘historical background’ because Day 2 was based on that.

Day 3 has also already been broadcast live and I will now begin summarising that session, which also lasted over 5 hours. Day 3 will focus on the PCR test.

See the second summary of Day 2 below:

Afbeelding Dag 2 -deel2



Een Reactie op “Summary Grand Jury Day 2 (with NL subs)

  1. Liesbeth Dollekamp

    februari 18, 2022 at 7:46 am

    Fijn om via deze samenvattingen geïnformeerd te blijven



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