Summary Grand Jury Day 3 Part 2 (Dutch subs)

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Here is the second part of Day 3 of the Grand Jury trial. Speakers in this summary are Dr Bryan Ardis and undertaker John O’Looney.  Both come up with very dramatic stories that should make everyone think about what is really going on.  It is very important to watch and share this. Lives can be saved, let’s not underestimate that.

However, if you have watched this summary and listened to Dr. Bryan Ardis, it might be good – if you haven’t already yet – to also watch the (subtitled) summary I made a few weeks ago of the hearing with Senator Ron Johnson in the US, in which several doctors give testimonies that make clear the danger of certain medications, where this Dr. Bryan Ardis also is talking about, followed by John O’Looney.  Again, this can save lives if we are aware of this. That’s why I edit, translate and subtitle all these important videos for everyone!  The hearing with Senator Ron Johnson can be found via this link.  (English spoken, duration: 38’25”)

Everything in a row for first visitors and those who want to watch it again in sequence:

  • Grand Jury Day 1 – opening statements (32’06”)  Click here.
  • Grand Jury Day 2 – first summary (31’01”) Click here.
  • Grand Jury Day 2 – second summary 43’05”) Click here.
  • Grand Jury Day 3 – first summary (39’45”) Click here
  • Pressconference January 23, 2022 (18’07”) Click here. 
  • Interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (57’32”)  (Click here.)

See below the second summary of Day 3:

John O'Looney dag 3

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