Summary Grand Jury Day 5, part 3 (NL subs)

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Foto dag 5 deel 3Before I start the editing of summaries of closing day 6, I did not want to leave out this summary of Day 5. In this third and final summary of Day 5 you will hear and see investment banker Leslie Manookian. She talks about her experiences that made her decide to give up her career. She also shows that, and especially why there are soon no more pension funds to pay out to retirees. The US government and also Europe is bankrupt, she explains.

As a result, there is only one way out for the elites and that is a (great) reset. How that will happen and how it is already happening she describes very clearly from her own experiences. This fits perfectly with the last two video-summaries with economist Patrick Wood.

A video is also shown with three testimonies of vaccine victims.

See here summary part 3 from Day 5:

Dag 5 deel 3

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