Summary Grand Jury Day 6, part 2 (NL subs)

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Grand Jury Dag 6In this second summary of the sixth day, you will hear the testimony of health advisor Ilana Rachel Daniel from Israel.

She outlines the situation in Israel, a country that was often in the news when it came to the outroll of the first vaccinations against covid19. Israel was the frontrunner. Meanwhile, the infections but also the number of deaths were rising after vaccination. With the next vaccines and subsequent boosters, Israel was again in the forefront. She calls Israel “the canary in the coal mine”.

In the next and final summary -which I am currently working on- you will hear the experiences of Avital Livny and Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor with her statement. So, more to follow soon.

Click below for the video of the 6th day of the Grand Jury proceedings.

Foto Dag 6 deel 2

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