Summary Grand Jury Day 6, part 3 (Plus…)

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Grand Jury Dag 6This is the third summary of Grand Jury Day 6, the last day of the Grand Jury proceedings. In this video you are listening to Avital Livny’s testimony -she is from Israël- about the severe side effects from the vaccines.

For Avital it was hard to find people who will tell their experiences in front of the camera because of the censorship and the violent behaviour of the people around them. But because of her courageous perseverance, she managed to interview quite a number of witnesses who wanted to tell their stories. You’ll find her testimony for the Grand Jury at the very bottom of this page.

There is much more to come. I will be posting translated update videos, related to the whole Grand Jury process, like new hearings and for example interviews with Reiner Fuellmich.


The Testimonies Project Avital Livny talks about in this Grand Jury presentation is -as she mentioned- translated and subtitled in several languages. Up until now there are 18 languages, and I translated it for them also in Dutch.

Praise to these people in Israel for their wonderful work.  Since you, as regular visitors, are reading here from all over the world, I will put links to the different languages, so you can watch and share this important documentary in your country, with subtitles in your language. There is Hebrew, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, Estonian, Bulgarian, Arabic and Polish.

Here they are (click on your language)

Engels TP    Frans TP    Duits TP

Spaans TP    Bulgaars TP    Arabisch TP

Ests TP    Grieks TP    Hebreeuws TP

Portugees    Pools TP    Roemeens TP

Japans TP    Italiaans TP   Tsjechisch TP

Russisch TP    Nederlands    Hongaars

See below Grand Jury Day 6, 3rd summary (English spoken, Dutch subs, 40’18”)

Printscreen Avital Grand Jury presentation

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