TTIP leak: EU Proposal Undermines Democratic Values

Ttip neeIn previous articles I wrote about the threat of the financial elite, like journalist and anthropologist  Joris Luyendijk, and his new book ‘this can’t be true’,  after two years of interviewing banksters in England. He warns us for the threatning disasters this Elite can cause to humanity, (they aldready did for ages) while nobody is waking up, as it seems. Most people don’t even know that TTIP is, and they prefer to watch TV while the collective depression is booming everywhere.

As I wrote earlier about TTIP: it is completely undermining our democracy but the EU unfortunately became the enemy of humanity to sell us like slaves, as we already are for the Cabal and their puppet-warmongers.

Do we still have a piece of democracy left,  or do we really need to conclude: The sales are on! Please, let’s wake up before it is really too late!

On we can read this:

WASHINGTON – According to a leaked European Commission proposal in the ongoing EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, EU member state legislative initiatives will have to be vetted for potential impacts on private business interests.

Leaked proposal here:

The proposal forms part of a wider plan for so-called “regulatory cooperation”. Civil society groups have already denounced earlier iterations of this plan as being a tool to stop or roll back regulation intended to protect the public interest. The new elements in the leaked proposal expand the problem, according to civil society organisations.


Germany seems to have brave people

Civil society groups have condemned the “regulatory exchange” plan as an affront to parliamentary democracy. “This is an insult to citizens, elected politicians and democracy itself”, says Max Bank of Lobby Control.

The “regulatory exchange” proposal will force laws drafted by democratically-elected politicians through an extensive screening process. This process will occur throughout the 78 States, not just in Brussels and Washington DC. Laws will be evaluated on whether or not they are compatible with the economic interests of major companies. Responsibility for this screening will lie with the ‘Regulatory cooperation body, a permanent, undemocratic, and unaccountable conclave of European and American technocrats.

“Both the Commission and US authorities will be able to exert undue pressure on governments and politicians under this measure as these powerful players are parachuted into national legislative procedures. The two are also very likely to share the same agenda: upholding the interests of multinationals,” says Kenneth Haar of Corporate Europe Observatory.


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