Video: A fascinating, engaging conversation with Ole Dammegård

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Setfoto met Ole-2It would have been reached last year during the Open Mind conference, a video recording of an interview with Ole Dammegård. But because of all the personal circumstances unfortunately we did not manage to do so. But now we were able to fulfill that agreement. It was a lovely experience to meet him in person at last.

We also announced last year to do more with video, and now cameraman Godert Walter made the first project possible; a fascinating and engaging conversation, in which Ole touches all kinds of issues that are threaten our society. Very informative, spontaneous and honest.

Personally, I have experienced it as a candid conversation with a likeminded soul, a conversation with -literally- a laugh and a tear, and no doubt one day we’ll meet him again in front of the camera.

For the Dutch listeners and viewers you can view it with Dutch subs. The next interview is with Zen Gardner, and will follow soon. (UPDATE: interview with Zen Gardner, click here)


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