Speech Vladimir Putin in Sochi on the 24th of October

The last few days I have been working on translating forty pages into the Dutch language. This is about the speech of Vladimir Putin which I think everyone has a right to know what he has to say. So, to me it is more than worth time and effort.
Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club24 October 2014, SochiVladimir Putin took part in the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club’s XI session. The meeting’s theme is The World Order: New Rules or a Game without Rules.
This year, 108 experts, historians and political analysts from 25 countries, including 62 foreign participants, took part in the club’s work.

The plenary meeting summed up the club’s work over the previous three days, which concentrated on analysing the factors eroding the current system of institutions and norms of international law.

As we know by now, from the mainstream media we only get to hear about things that benefits political policy and the elite and that is not in the interest of our society and humanity. It is aimed at a completely crooked capitalism, fear and war-propaganda. The elite have their own agenda and not just the US as well as our puppet government (as Paul Craig Roberts called the European politicians more than once), but also all media institutes are controlled and therefore we got no positive news about Russia, for example.

That country has been imposed sanctions immediately after the disaster with the MH17 while supposedly is not clear who was behind the attack. The NOS, you might remember, even though previously broadcast a black colored item in which they acted as if Vladimir Putin had ignored the English reporter John Sweeney, while he quite patiently took the time for answering his questions. Finally, it seems there are other agenda’s leading to (cold)  war and Russia is target in some way. We don’t agree with that, but the politicians do.

Anyway, I would say, spread it around as much as you can, because we are not stupid people and we can make up our own mind and opinions. And it works much better when getting also the other side of the story. So the alternative and independent media has to pick this up, because the mainstream media won’t. Read this comprehensive, but interesting opinion of Russia related to the problems in the world, in Ukraine, about Isis, and the solutions that could lead us to stop aggression and ruthless capitalism!

You can read it fully here:

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