What is happening to our world? -2 (MH17)

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MH17 – A mysterious crash…

At this moment of writing we count 50 days after the crash of the MH17. Seven turbulent weeks passed by and a lot has happened in the world, and without any doubt there will be unfortunately more to happen, when reading the news.
On the 17th of July, directly after the crash, our Prime Minister Mark Rutte declared that no stone would be left unturned and that a fair investigation would get to the bottom of the tragedy: “One thing must be crystal clear, if it is an attack, the perpetrators must be identified and they must receive due punishment. Before that, we will not rest. That is in duty to the victims and their survivors.”  True, Mr. Rutte! So we need to ‘reach’ the bottom. The US directly throw the first stone to perpetrator Putin and that certainly needs no further investigation or..?

From that moment on there are many facts on the internet to be obscured, kept silent and made to disapear and thus the foundations of democracy! However, all the facts described below are the ‘building blocks’ for the enormous escalating conflict we are in now. Don’t you really think we have a right to know the facts?

In another press conference Rutte denied the allegation that the Netherlands are too cautious. Other countries, such as Australia and the United States, after all, are talking straight away about the responsibility of Russia. Mark Rutte: “I do not want to speculate and point a finger. I want the facts to surface and in this way it is more likely that such an investigation will be conducted.” Rutte added that this drama is getting a more and more tragic appearance. “We keep hearing new stories of individual travelers who went aboard unsuspectingly to meet their hopeless fate”. He said that the whole Dutch community sympathizes intensely: “Now it goes to show once more how closely a small country can be connected” (source:

That statement reminded me of the “Open letter to the Prime Minister and to all Ministers” from the 7th of April in which I wrote about their ambition to put the Netherlands on the map in the world: “A good example tends to be followed. If you, in your boundless ambition for putting the Netherlands on the map in the world, want to achieve a real great success, you need to show a society which can function through the heart conform the real Dutch nature! An open ‘communication’ that brings justice to the term ‘community”.

It was never my intention that they should put the Netherlands on the map in such a gruesome way, although these goals cynically enough have been achieved, particularly through the live broadcast of CNN on July 23rd in which the images and their comments showed that the Dutch deserve the title “community’. But it were the wrong images, from a funeral procession of forty black cars filled with coffins.
“We are such a great country!” we heard an emotional Minister of foreign affairs, Frans Timmermans, proclaim. Does he really not want to keep it that way?

Unfortunately, in the meantime sanctions carried out against Russia and these are even increased systematically. I wonder, on which basis?’ According to the mainstream media, from the first moment the culprit is already known, but then again, since we know who owns and funds the press office’s Reuters and AP, we know who is pulling their strings, therefore by whom the mainstream media are controlled.

mh17crash1There are local people who were on the scene within 20 minutes after the crash, and these eyewitnesses gave a full coverage of what was happening in the sky. Those images disappeared soon from the internet, because apparently we were not allowed to know. Some sites have been able to move them to other servers for the inquisitive reader so you can see it anyway. It is subtitled in German and it is (at least for now) placed here.

On July the 21st Timmermans, held his ‘famous’ emotional speech at the UN council in which he states: “In the last days we have heard shocking stories about the dragging bodies, while the victims are being robbed. It must be unbearable to lose your husband, and then need to be afraid that a villain steals his wedding ring from his body.” He mentioned this because a picture appeared in the media that shows that one of the separatists was holding a ‘trophy’ in his hand, in the form of a doll of a young passenger. Does Timmermans also just folloman met popw the sources of the mainstream media? Rutte also came with a statement during his press conference in which he said to be ‘disgusted’ by such practices. Oops, also not entirely aware of what is truly going on? While something else was written about those facts two days before. Even in the mainstream media.

After all, the independent media soon came with the original video the image was taken from, and that showed a completely different picture. So, this proves that apparently it really makes sense to make public ‘censored’ facts. The NOS on July 19th -fortunately- came with a short message about this incident and wrote: “Yesterday and today a photo passed around with a pro-Russian separatist showing a trophy from a child from the downed MH17. This video shows how this picture is taken and the story behind the picture may be different than it seems at first.” Bravo, NOS! Just a pity that this fact is ignored by Timmermans and Rutte, because apparently it does not fit the ‘story’ that has already been promoted by the ‘powers that be’.

Moreover, this video also shows the soldier who supposedly was ‘stealing’ the wedding ring. You can view this on You Tube while the NOS apparently thought it was not worth showing to the public. Ah, it’s just a minor detail, right?

Rutte: “The images of throwing with toys and opening suitcases, as also passports that are shown (see the video with the passports) infuriates us,” he said in a press conference. paspoortenOh yeah! You mean those passports that are shown and look like new? Have you ever experienced that you can travel by airplane with an invalid passport? See the holes in some ‘expired’ passports between the brand new documents. Getting out of the trunk of a car. Meanwhile, there is also a picture on the internet, illustrated the last post on the facebook page of Cor Pan from the Netherlands. and it goes all over the world. Also quite cynical, for he writes:

“Should he dissapear, this is what he looks like” referring to the missing MH370. That picture all of a sudden becomes very important when viewing the debris to see which plane was actually downed in Ukraine. The picture of Cor Pan really shows a different ID than what we get dished up by from Reuters.
The photo shown by Reuters was handed to them by the Israeli Yaron Mofaz who claims to have taken this picture at Schiphol airport that afternoon. He was apparently in the vicinity of Cor Pan, so he did checked in but never boarded the plane. Shady! Yaron Mofaz coincidentally has the same name as Shaul Mofaz, the current opposition leader and former Minister of Defence in Israel. When enlarged we can see this on the internet (Reuters left, and on the right the picture of Cor Pan)

Also on this site many questions are being asked and more pictures are shown that increasing the mystery.
And here is another video of a ‘researcher’. Again, more proof that an independent inquiry should still take place, but how independent will it be?
mh17-is-mh370There is much speculation about a window that is lacking in other ‘official photos. On the first picture published on the internet, the window was closed, and on the official picture of the press release the window is open. Apparently they were forced to change it, because the internet was chockerblocked with pictures released by unofficial channels.

raampje gefotoshopt

Meanwhile, Facebook removes many reports and video’s about the crash. Everywhere you’ll encounter invalid links.

A newsitem from a journalist on site from the BBC disappears in a very short time from the Internet. But this has been placed back by someone with subtitles in English at least for now. In this report locals declare that they saw fighter jets alongside the plane.

Meanwhile, these statements are confirmed by the German aviation expert and pilot, Peter Haisenko and another expert, defense specialist Bernd Biederman, a retired colonel. Bernd Biederman wrote in the Berlin newspaper “Neues Deutschland” Surface-to-air missile attack is rejected as a cause, but mentions bullet holes of one specific caliber shrapnel ammunition in the cockpit of the aircraft wreckage. (Click their links)
But also Karel van Wolferen -ex NRC correspondent and awarded for his journalistic work and known as a professor at the University of Amsterdam- refers, among other things to the statements made by Michael Bociurkiw, one of the inspectors of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), who was among the first to reach the crash site the crash. See the explanation of this Michael Bociurkiw here in this video. Van Wolferen also writes about the corrupt journalism and denounces these outspokenly.
This very thorough and interesting article you can read here.

Another respected journalist Joost Niemöller from HP de Tijd writes about a remarkable fact that won’t reach the mainstream media. Namely, that there was indeed a distress call from the pilot mentioning the rapid descend of the aircraft. A fact that afterwards was denied vehemently. Unfortunately, further research fails to take place because the parrots of the mainstream media nearly echo what they get served by the press office’s powered by ….. (yes, them!)

And journalist Robert Parry, who in the past also was awarded for his journalistic work, reveals that he has a source within the intelligence agency in Washington, who said that the United States is in possession of satellite images, demonstrating that troops of the Ukrainian military are responsible for the downing of flight MH17 from Malaysian Airways.

Coming September 9th, we can expect the first reports of the Safety Board. The commission wants to know how passenger lists are drawn up and why in the case of MH 17 it was not directly available.

Foto passagierslijstOdd question, because this research council could have already obtained access to the complete passenger list in March, months before the crash! This fact has been online for a periode of time, and was taken off the internet pretty quickly, because there were apparently too many visitors who went for a search. However, Google cache remembers what has been on the Internet and on the facebook page of Junemann, you can see that these passengers list has, as a matter of fact actually been published. Although Google’s cache memory has by now been erased. The print screen however has been saved. June Mann was looking for an acquaintance of his who has been on board of the plane. And accidentely came across this list, published in Marc. Very peculiar! Was this crash already planned back then? Looking at this video (English spoken) it may just have been planned even longer ago!


Carlos Buca, vanished…?

Oh, one last burning question. Where is Carlos Buca? Carlos was supossedly on duty as an air-traffic controller, has the Spanish nationality and was working in Kiev in Ukraine on that particular day. Immediately after the downing of flight MH17, he disappeared along with other foreigners working for the Air Traffic Control- center. His twitter account has ‘obviously’ disappeared, as well as all of his tweets from during and after the crash. But now even this Carlos himself seems to have vanished into nothingness. All his tweets from July 17 are stored by observant readers. you can find them here (in three languages).
By the way, A Dutch mainstream medium like ‘Elsevier’ is  suddenly wondering what secret agreement our government concluded on flight MH17. Are some of the mainstream journalists finally waking up?
I fear that these questions may never be answered and knowing that, the people pulling the strings of the sheeple have created a perfect alibi for the war that according to their scenario should take place, no matter what. Emigration, perhaps? Maybe out of space…


© Irma Schiffers     (For ‘What is happening to our world – Part 1’ click here)

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