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Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
Martin Luther King

Journalist, interviewer at DVM-TV.;  author, columnist for several alternative newsmedia, as I interviewed for example investigative journalist Ole Dammegard several times, Dutch whistleblower and ex-banker Ronald Bernard (which went viral), Dr. Elke de Klerk (Doctors for Truth), US whistleblower Cody Snodgress, David Icke, etc. 

I was born (or rather crashed down) in the Netherlands on February 3rd, 1962; Jungian therapist; truthseeker; lightwarrior;  intuitive painter; very dedicated to all humans, animals and nature;  social idealist; I am very aware of, and allergic to lies, fraud and corruption; (ex-)bassplayer; Highly Sensitive; great sense of humor, born psychic and a true aquarius with all personal 6 planets in this sign. (Aquarius = the rebel, freedom, equality, independence, justice, transparency, honesty,  altruism, pioneering  light– and truthwarrior, but often seen as inimitable, eccentric and weird)  :-)

For seventeen years I worked in Hilversum in the mainstream media,  (let’s  say, “radio-active”). After that I professionally Irma zingt en bast-2played bassguitar and double bass with my (since 2015 sadly deceased) soulmate/husband on guitar for more than ten years and toured at home and abroad  with a jazz combo, a theatergroup and a rockband and he and I wrote some songs, like  ´Down´ and ´A certain smile´’ (see here on You Tube ). Texts that often arose at night, sometimes with  the melody and I had to drop it quickly before the inspiration left me. The other songs  you will also find on You Tube. At the same time I studied for four years at the Jungian Institute in Nijmegen, and I graduated in 2002. My graduate thesis was titled Musical unconsciousness or unconscious(ly) musical; about the psyche of the musician, from the Jungian perspective. I feel guided by synchronicity and I am following that path day by day.

Writing critical columns regarding issues in politics and society I also did at that time as a musician. In 2011, it came to me quite suddenly and surprisingly to the publication of the book ” Musical Chairs at the hairdresser’s’, shortly followed by the publication of a philosophical poetry book. I sent  a concept to a publisher  and the next day I got a phone call that they wanted to publish both of them. At that time I decided to leave the bands and out of the blue I put all my concentration on intuitive painting. I spent many weeks at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted in England to be trained in various aspects of mediumship like relaxation-malespirit-art, trance, and psychic art,  because I wanted to know where all leeuwin-verkleindthis inspiration came from, and above all to learn how to cope with  this ´intuitive knowledge´ in a constructive way. At that time the intuitive writer was dominated by the “painter” . I made about 100 oil paintings. Oddly enough, always with a “message” while the real manifestation often later showed up in the news as a reality. Nowadays I am working on the phone as counselor, medium,, psychic and healer.

In 2014, my book ‘Muscial chairs at the hairdresser’s’ (Original title: ‘Stoelendans bij de kapper’) was translated into English for the U.S., UK and Canadian market and it is on sale in the bookstores like for example Barnes & Noble and at Published by America Star Books. With critical columns about politics, corruption, truth and peace for humanity, spirituality, philosophy  and ridiculous daily situations,  but although written with a sense of humor, while seriously encouraging the new paradigm of truth, freedom and oneness. Let’s go for it!


And last but not least, as a huge animal lover, I live among my dearest friends who always make me laugh, and they are allowed to be as ‘authentic’ as I am myself. Four white ‘girls ‘ and three ‘ colored ‘ boys ..

Mijn zevental

On February the 7th, 2014, I decided to start this blog. Less than a month later the counter got rapidly over the 5000 visitors. My articles have been divided by sites as , ,, Antwoorden en inzichten, WantToKnow, and by many others. Thanks for the interest, the sharing, the beautiful and grateful comments and support that I receive and the heartwarming emails. For me a true motivation to keep on writing. :-)

For further information, see my biography  or my paintings on our site Kunstschilders Texel

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