‘Winds of change’ ensure innovation: DVM-TV-website

Until today it was rather a kind of a hectic year. A year of movements, not only for me but also for the people around me; renewals, release and starting over again but in a different ‘jacket’.  Fortunately though, with a very happy new four-legged comrade which is already almost seven months old. She thought that hectic was very cozy and all those miles we drove in the car meant just excitement and a lot of fun for her!

Previously I was stuck on my computer almost 24/7, but this year I had to deal with months without internet and it seemed like it would not be fixed anymore. Then you get the feeling that things need to be different from now on and you focus your attention on other issues.
Nevertheless, despite all the chaos, I have been very busy after my computer was re-connected to the world wide web.

DVM-TV became an official Foundation (Dutch Vision Movement) and since the interviews with Ronald Bernard went viral we decided to work on our own international website in addition to our You Tube channel. So we did a lot of work in the past few months behind the scenes. But today we can finally say that this site is online now!

Next week we will publish part 4 of the interview with Ronald Bernard, so please check back for updates. Besides our video’s we will add a special podcast soon, under ‘Radio’ in the menu.

DVM-TV needs donations, so we are able to continue creating professional videos, blogs and other news facts, preferably with a larger team so all financial support is very welcome and is and is highly appreciated!

You can follow us by ‘subscribe’ for updates per email, but you can also follow us by Facebook and Twitter. See the website here:


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