The Sandman and Zen Gardner

Recently I started an article with: Sometimes I do not know what I should write about.” Not because nothing happens, but because there is too much going on. And especially, of course, behind the scenes, I’m not a walking repetitive syndrom “of the  mainstream media with their propaganda and lies. Everything you read here and at other sites from my colleagues of the “independent media” is usually just the opposite. But above all what is really going on “behind” the news which is hidden and  twisted, manipulated and concealed.

FabeltjeskrantI realize that we have to understand the game and we need to see through itAnd I also realize that it’s not comfortable to see through it because we face the problem: what’s next? We want to believe in fairy tales just as the NWO power elite so they created the ‘Sandman’ to sprinkle sand or dust on or into the eyes of the child at night to bring on dreams and sleep. And then we got The Daily Fable with the Owl:  all you little people, heads under wings, beaks under blankets, all eyes closed – goodnight!

That’s a shame, I sent the sandman away from day one, I do not like sand in my eyes and Mr. owl has flown away because I did not like to close my beak, and my eyes‘ either

Sometimes I feel that I have already written about everything, as for me personally all subjects are leading to the same conspiracy fact: NWO, New World Order, depopulation, total control, microchipped, vaccinated, poisoned to zombies without a higher consciousness, hardly no awareness and completely robotized. In short, Agenda 21. (see the video: Australian Politician Ann Bressington Exposes the New World Order)

It’s ingrained in people that they want to avoid things they do not like. But somehow it is also ingrained in people that they want to solve problems to transcend it for their inner strength and spiritual growth. I think we need to identify problems differently, we better call them challenges. So we can search for a solution instead of hiding and avoiding. And precisely for this reason there are quite a few people writing article after article because if you do not realize that there is a challenge or a problem, we do nothing. And if we do nothing, nothing will change. It’s that simple.

But there is a group of dark psychopaths that is still marching on. They think there is a problem: humanity. If we do not Stop-Wordsrecognize this, they are going to solve their problem, despite all its consequences. They grab the power, all our money and the resourses to implement their plan. And we, the majority, can say STOP, I don’t want to play your sinister game anymore.

How far can we go with our wake up-calls, how many people can we reach, how many time do we have left? I really don’t know. At the other hand I can see that more and more truth is coming to the surface on a daily basis. Unfortunately, just in the alternative and independant media still. And there are still many people who think that something is true when it comes from the controlled mainstream media, or when it comes from a large group -bought and bribed- scientists.

I read a perfect article from Zen Gardner and he took the words right out of my mouth, so I decided to translate it in Dutch. It expressed exactly what I always try to explain.  It is rather long, but very worthwhile reading it. Let’s turn our mind and awareness to full speed and continue to try to awaken our fellow human beings. There’s nothing more we can do than serving wake up calls; human beings have a free choice. On my site (my biography) you read:   ‘Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.‘ Zen Gardner states:  ‘We can ignore reality, but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality’. Both statements are very true.  See here Zen’s article ‘So what’s really happening now?’

For the Dutch version, click here


© Irma Schiffers

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