Where is my compass?


Alchemy (Oilpaint) by Irma Schiffers

A lot of doors are closed, sometimes with a bang, sometimes bit by bit. That depends on many factors around us, but also on our own ideas and our passion. Very often I get the question “I know now what I do not want and that I agree, but what should I do to know what I really want?” The answer is actually quite simple: follow your own individual compass. And that again leads to a new question. Where can I find my own compass?

That question I also asked a few times myself, to be honest, for years! I adressed it to my teachers of Jungian psychology training. And struggled with it again and again.
One thing became clear to me, I did not find it in others or outside of me. One thinks that you should do this, the other says that “that” should lead to your ultimate success and happiness; and society also demands a lot from you. And so the compass needle flies in any direction and you still do not know where you are going.

And it actually turned out to be quite simple when I found it.

It simply was  that little girl, my inner child, which had to be found and had to be accepted. Especially in its entirety. But now by myself!
That ‘inner child’ is in fact infinitely wiser than the one I am now trying to be; the adult female who is constantly running around in circles to meet the needs and standards of others to satisfy some,  but it hardly succeeds. That child wants to be cheerful, to love and beloved, playing, working with her own talents according to her pure nature; creating a bright future for all living beings. And it knows where it wants to go, from inner wisdom. It wants to be just itself.

So if you ask what you should look for to find your own compass, dive deeply into yourself  and as a real and true alchemist you find that piece of gold there. It will be completely perfect and intact. While it is patiently waiting for the time to be found … Waiting for YOU…!

© Irma Schiffers
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