NL at the forefront of WEF plan and farmers’ protests

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The role of the Netherlands in the WEF plan ‘The Great Reset’ is, to say the least, notable. The media and trolls frame this and dismiss it as a conspiracy ‘theory’, but that’s not at all the case.

The farmerprotests -part of the Great -you will own nothing but will be happy’- Reset do not come out of the blue. Mark Rutte is deeply involved in the World Economic Forum as you can see in the video below. And, alongside him, many others from the “Schwabinet“. This video is a compilation from Rutte’s many statements and pronouncements, his denials and distortions, lasting over 7 minutes, produced by the foreign news channel Rebel News, who came to the Netherlands to cover the “real news” about the farmers’ protests.  Particularly because the Netherlands plays such a major role in this and attracts a great deal of attention abroad. I have provided this video with Dutch subtitles, so judge for yourself after watching it whether this Prime Minister still represents the Dutch people.

But there is another foreign journalist/Freedom Fighter in the Netherlands to report on all the events surrounding the Dutch uprising. Keean Bexte,  who runs the site Dutch Uprising. He received a message from an editor from RTL News who wanted to speak to him. See here the message and Keean’s correct response to it.

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The Netherlands is increasingly known in the world thanks to these journalists (see the Netherlands’ pioneering role and the role of WEF award-winning Mark Rutte in the video below).  Rebel News’ Lincoln Jay reported to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on events here, and Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean reports that the Netherlands appears to be sliding towards a dictatorship. See that report on Sky News here. We should be grateful that these journalists do their work properly and take the effort to travel to the Netherlands. It is just a pity that it has to come to us from abroad. 

See here the translated and subtitled video (length 7’46”) by Rebel News in which, among others, Gideon van Meijeren -rightly so- confronted Mark Rutte with his links to the WEF, which the Prime Minister immediately dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Judge for yourself, but more importantly, inform yourself in order to form an opinion, even if that -unfortunately- has to be done from abroad. Kudos to the foreign journalists!

Schwab over Nederland-video link

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