Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap: Downfall of our economy?

putin-chess-vs-eu-usa-529x336After reading the two important speeches from Putin, which you can read here and here in English, we now know that he did not rest in silence, despite all the sanctions of the west and the attempted destruction of his country. After all, he does not want to be a vassal of the agressive and dominant culture of the US and Europe. And the West will soon meet the implications.

He is simply a great chess master and his speeches are so real and punctuated by the “Reason” that for me it was the main reason to translate them. In the West we are not reading anything about this in our mainstream media. Scandalous, in my opinion. Instead, we are saddled up with ‘hateful’ and warlike stuff towards Russia, and particularly the media is blaming Putin for everything.

Time for a real change, and fortunately there are many sites where you can stay informed of real and alternative news, thanks to all the “colleagues” who are also engaged with it. (see also the links on this page to English sites).

Now I came across a very interesting article that basically everyone should read. It can break the silence that almost becomes deafening from the west.
About the “why” of that silence you can read now, because the article has been translated from Russian into English, and I just got it translated into Dutch. Share, is what I would recommend.

Immerse yourself in it, prepare for, understand and anticipate for what needs to come forward and the things we normally can not know or are allowed to know.

Read the English, Russian or Dutch translation of the ‘Golden Fall “, organized by chess master Putin!

© Irma Schiffers

All articles on this site are voluntary written for the benefit of ‘humanity’ and may re-published and shared, provided the source is acknowledged.


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