Summary Grand Jury Day 4, part 1 (Dutch subs)

nederland-vlag gif

Here is the first summary of Day 4 of the Grand Jury process. On this day it was all about the vaccines and the vaccination campaigns. It took a while to finish it, because this time it was a huge editing job. Apart from having to translate and subtitle, there are bits that have to be cut out because of the enormous length and then it has to fit together, of course.

What is interesting in this summary is the discussion after the presentation of Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude from France, so I have included a part of that as well. Since we -you and I- are the Grand Jury who will have to decide whether official charges should be filed, this is interesting because what’s your opinion?  After all, that is what this whole Grand Jury proceeding is for.

The next part of this session is coming up as soon as possible. I am also in the process of translating and subtitling a third summary of Day 3 (see here the full version of Day 3 in English) but I will leave that for the time being. Also in progress: a very important update interview with Reiner Fuellmich himself. Very interesting and also a rather hopeful message from Dr. Fuellmich. So that is also still to come, but again, I ask for your patience. It is many hours (and nights) of work! (Still a ‘one man band’) ;-)

Click below for the video of Day 4 (full version in English here)

Foto Dag 4

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