Wake up, be awake and stay awake!

nederlandse vlag


Those are the days! Weird and horrible! And then that chaotic feeling of “where, when, which and how….we are all aware of, I guess. Those who do not feel this, may not be awake because they keep on dreaming and stay asleep.
Disinformation from the mainstream media and the nothing-the matter-feelgood’programs on TV are priority for some of us. That’s up to each one for oneself to choose to do so, but if you  find it the most comfortable position for yourself, I strongly recommend that you finish reading this article here and now.  Because I‘m going to write about my concerns and sorrows, including several links to sources of information. But if you feel that a change in the world is needed, stay with me then.comfort zone en magic
The weather in the world became totally unpredictable, and certainly uncontrollable. The latter is a scary concept because ‘controlling the weather’ is just the reason for this. A contradiction in terms, isn’t it? No, unfortunately in reality it isn’t. The phenomenon (also calledcrime’) chemtrails‘ or Geo engineering is performed everywhere in the air, so is literally falling from the sky and caused all this misery for humanity. For people who are sensitive to the respiratory tract, a direct attack on their health. Of course it is denied, but there is fortunately more and more information getting out, especially from insiders and scientists, searching for truth. And when some picture appears on facebook, it will be removed and this person is threatened and then banned from Facebook. The only question is, what do we do about it?
The monetary system flies in less than no time to its own downfall. Money is created from out of nothing by banks and governments so the politicians do nothing,  and the General Accounting Office will not have any insight in the whole kit and caboodle of the banks, they admitted in a documentary on the Dutch TV. We also could witness the confession of a banker, who openly tells how things are being cheated and how corruption occurs. How they create cover ups. The next coupe that will be committed after the attack on the old age pensions of people has to do with the savings. You have been warned now! In other countries they already started to get those savings. I would say, follow the money flow every day through the alternative and independent media, and be grateful to the investigative journalists, as also for example to men like Paul Graig Roberts .
Then we have a company like Monsanto, which is guilty of buying (stealing) all the seeds and poisons mankind with their criminal GMOs (genetically modified foods), and also kill our animals and nature by poison and disease. I’m afraid there are more upcoming laws (also in Europe) to prohibit citizens their own organic farming and vegetable garden for their own ‘natural‘ food. I could not resist to send this article to our national political executive known as Dutch “Party of the animals.” I would like to inform them about the heavily carcinogens that Monsanto digest in their patented corn. (I don’t eat that anymore either).  On February 6th, I read this tweet from the party for the animals: Yes! Adopted PvdD motion, NL must oppose #genmais # 1507. Historical price changes, NL was always in pro-GM camp. “Another small step in the right direction! Thank God, it is a tiny one, but it is ONE.
Are you awake, yet?
No good news also about Big Pharma. That company could not care a damn whether medication causes serious side effects or even death, as long as they can fill their pockets with big money. A Dutch TV program took a hidden camera to take a look behind the scenes. And in another program we could see the dirty tricks played by the pharmaceutical industry and their drugs. How much profit is made? Is it really a wise decision to introduce commercial doctors to as controlling authority? It’s up to you! 

The monetary penalties in a small state:

Turnover pharmaceutical INDUSTRY: US $ 300 billion and fraud fines paid the same pharmaceutical insane amount of: US $ 11 billion, Including:Novartis: US $ 420 millionPfizer: US $ 2.3 billion

Glaxo Smith Kline: US $ 3 billion

And this is only the tip of an iceberg, what is highlighted here. You really  do not want to know all that’s  happening even more! Saw this? Recently published and more evidence is following soon; CDC caught in scientific fraud.

And if you follow the alternative and independent media and read  about (in the meantime)27 most young aged bankers who would have committed suicide under suspicious circumstances in a very short time, then you may wonder in which dimension we exist! Are you already mind-bog

gled? Or do we call this ‘normal’ and sigh “well…,what can we do about it, guess nothing…?”plaatje op faceookIf we really want to know how we could change this world of destruction, quickly and effectively for the future, I recommend you to watch this movie for free  (it’s my favorite) ‘La belle verte ‘or  ‘The Green beautiful, with English subtitles. It’s humorous and spiritually very informative. An educational entertainment so to speak but interlaced with knowledge from our inner source. We can all recognize it…

Still, I want to end with good news that the change is already expanding, although with reluctance, by awakening of much more people day by day.  We must realize that consumers are potential activists! We are CHANGE and we really make the difference!

As part of the changes, there is something else coming up. For those familiar with Remote Viewing this will certainly  raise interest even more. This is according to scientist Courtney Brown’ from the Farsight institute. He is going to release the results of the RV-project about the truth of 9/11 on the relevant date of September 11th.   It is revealed bit by bit on his facebook-page so you can prepare for their findings.

Okay, speaking about ‘feel goodagain, watch the beautiful movie ‘The green beautiful’ because it could not be better distributed over the Internet than on this single, right time! Notice that this movie was forbidden. Why? You know why when seeing it, and read all above. We must carry on sleeping and act like sheeple as usual.

We’re going to see and experience our own creation, called ‘future’. But for now, let’s wake up, and if we are awake,  let’s stay awake and bond together!


© Irma Schiffers 2014

Disclaimer: this article may be reproduced and / or distributed, provided the source is acknowledged.


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