Interview Ole Dammegard about Brussel-attacks

On the 27th of March we had Ole Dammegård in our radioshow ‘Gewoon-nieuws’ on Finding Voices Radio for an interview for about 75 minutes long. He is talking about Brussel and False Flag-operations. We are very glad that Ole took the time to explain everything he found out. Please visit his website and if you are able to support him, either financial or in any other way, just do it. We are all working for the best of the planet and humanity and unfortunately it is no job. We call it a mission…  ;-)

Although the complete show is in Dutch, the interview with Ole is of course in English, so when you go to 39’20” you will find the complete interview. (Dutch subtitles here).

Please follow the link below for listening (from 39’20”)


Gewoon nieuws met Ole Dammegard

Irma Schiffers

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